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buy mamra almond supply

In the field of Mamra almond supply Zarin Maghz Company is active. We can provide you Mamra almond of high quality at an appropriate price. Our collection is exporter of Iranian nuts including:

pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, figs and dried apricots.

Although mamra almonds are classified by many people as nuts and seeds, almonds are essentially an almond fruit. The main almond tree is native to the Middle East and South Asia. In fact, almonds are known as seeds, because they are in two shells, but in essence, this seed is the main fruit of the tree.

Of course, almonds have edible mantle when ripe, which can be crushed. When the almond fruit ripens, the meat turns into a crust and the main almond kernel is formed.

mamra almond supply

Mamra almond benefits as an export product

Zarin Maghz Company has many years of experience in mamra almond supply. We are supplier and distributor of Mamra almond and Iranian different kinds of nuts.

49% of almonds are oil, of which 62% is unsaturated oleic acid, 24% is unsaturated linoleic acid and 6% is saturated palmitic acid. Almond seeds can produce another almond tree and the tree can be propagated by seeds. That is why almond seeds have a variety of nutrients.

Almonds are available in a variety of flavors, including sweet and bitter almonds. Both of these types of almonds have their own uses. Bitter almonds are often used in oil and confectionery, while sweet almonds are used as nuts and snacks. Almond oil is used in the production of cosmetics and snacks.

Original Mamra almond has amazing health benefits such as weight loss and lowering blood sugar, and can also regulate your body’s harmful cholesterol. Almonds are rich in healthy fats, magnesium, fiber and vitamin E, which can reasonably improve brain and heart disorders, digestive problems such as constipation, respiratory disorders such as cough, anemia and impotence. Also, the properties of almonds on oral health are very high. Of course, almonds can lead to side effects such as obesity and digestive problems, if consumed in large quantities.

mamra almond supply

mamra almond supply in 2021

mamra almond supply in 2021 is in a great condition. Large amount of Mamra almond kernels are ready for export.

Zarin Maghz Company is a producer of Mamra almond and different kinds of Iranian nuts.

This type of purchase and supply of products for domestic and foreign customers in the quality of almonds is suitable for the export of almonds, and its price is quite balanced and reasonable.

Some of the almond suppliers buy substandard almonds, mix Mamra Almonds 1 kg with first-class kernels, and go to the major export market of almonds. These suppliers not only take the rights of the people by doing this, but also damage the reputable Iranian almond export market.

Zarin Maqz company advises traders and exporters to choose trustworthy and reputable companies in the field of supplying almond kernels for export. The company is ready to export, while assuring buyers and esteemed traders in the field of providing high quality cargo without margins and preparing different types of almond kernels in different tonnages.

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mamra almond export

mamra almond export to India

Almonds have a low carbohydrate percentage and a high content of protein and fiber. Fiber and protein increase the feeling of fullness, which causes a decrease

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