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mamra almond exporters to India

mamra almond export is a very profitable trade, because this kind of almond has many fans throughout the world. India is one of the big importer of Iran Mamra almond.

Zarin Maqz Company is an exporter of Mamra almond kernels and other kinds of Iranian nuts at a wholesale price. Export products of our company are as follow:

Different kinds of almonds, Different kinds of pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, figs and dried apricots.

mamra almond export

Which country is the largest exporter of Mamra almond?

Iran is one of the largest exporters of almonds. however, Mamra almond export is of different value. One of the best types of Iranian almonds is Mamra almond, which is used for export.

Mamra almond tree is a late flowering plant and has high resistance to pests and diseases. This type of almond is early ripening and can be harvested in early September. Mamra almond kernels are very crunchy and delicious and are very good in terms of taste, color and fat.

The highest volume of Mamra almond production is related to Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province and Zayandehrud areas such as Saman city in this province.

Of course, other types of almonds such as stone almonds, Shahroudi, Rabi and paper almonds are also produced in these areas, but more than 50% of the almonds produced in this province are Mamra. Mamra almond is produced in large volumes by several workshops in this province and is exported directly to various foreign countries such as India and the Persian Gulf countries.

Our trading company is one of the largest producers and exporters of Mamra almond in Iran. The company buys almonds directly from gardeners and package them in special workshops. Ofcourse, we are Mamra almond grower as well.

In our workshops, all grades of Mamra almond kernels are sorted by hand or using a sorting machine and ready to be exported . In this way, first the Mamra almonds are separated from the skin with special tools by the workers, and then its wrinkles are screened, and the almonds are arranged in a uniform manner based on different ounces. Mamra Almond has a very thick skin and is difficult to break. Therefore, it is broken down and exported to different countries in the form of almond kernels.

India is the largest and main buyer of Iranian Mamra almonds. Indian traders often buy mamra almond kernels in sorted form and in vacuum packages of ten kilograms from Iran. The use of vacuum packages due to the complete evacuation of the available air causes the almond kernel to last longer.

Indian call that Mamra Badam. For more information about Iranian Badam 1kg price, contact our company.

mamra almond export

mamra almond export at wholesale price

mamra almond export at wholesale price is done in our collection. Mamra almond is the most organic kind of almond in the world so it is a bit more expensive than Canadian almond or Californian almond. These almonds are manipulated genetically. They all have the same appearance and size.

However, Canadian or Calofornian almonds do not have any taste, that is why they are mostly flavored with salt to gain a taste. Mamra almond is very delicious. Its kernels are twins and have different sizes and appearance as you see in the pictures above.

Iran is one of mamra almond exporting countries and exports this product to European and Asian countries by observing all health points.

Get in touch with Zarin Maghz Company to buy high quality Iranian nuts at wholesale price.

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mamra almond market size around world

The sale price of mamra almond market size in the domestic market is more than 2 times its export rate. The reason for this, in addition to reducing the product

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