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Mamra almond prices never are going to be fixed. That is due to the hard economical condition and inflation in the country. Mamra almond is more expensive than other kinds of almonds such as Rabi almond, Sangi almond or Moheb almond.

This product is one of the traditional nuts and dried fruits of Iran, which is a very prosperous market for wholesale almonds every year. We all have heard that almonds have beauty properties and good nutritional benefits.

 What can make the skin more beautiful?

Few people are aware of the benefits of almonds for the skin, while almond is recognized as a skin and hair regeneration agent in Asian countries, but this is the only important part of almond properties.

Zarin Maghz Company is almond supplier and exporter in Iran. We are a distributor of all kinds of almonds, with premium quality. We are exporters of other kinds of Iranian nuts as well. Pistachios of high quality is another export product of Iran.

Mamra almond prices

Effects of Mamra almonds kernels on diet

If you want to know about Mamra almond prices, do not hesitate to call us. We offer you Mamra almonds of superior quality at reasonable price.

Almond can be used to relieve the body of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Almond is a good source of unsaturated and beneficial fats that help reduce LDL cholesterol (bad). Almond supplementation, as part of our regular diet, can help increase HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol. Based on research By David Jenkins. people who consumed a small number of almonds each day, their bad cholesterol levels dropped to 4.4%, and those who consumed both food and their bad cholesterol each day fell to 9.4%. Iran produced 110,000 tons of almonds from 172,000 hectares of gardens after the United States, Spain, Syria, and Italy.

Zarin Maghz Company is one of the big trading companies active in the field of Mamra almond export.

Mamra almond prices

Mamra almond tree and kernels growth stages

The almond tree reaches a height of 8 meters. A beautiful tree that has been grown, since ancient times in the central and western parts of Asia, especially Afghanistan and Iran, Syria, and Palestine. The almond tree is very strong. This tree can grow even with a little moisture. Its branches are elliptical, narrow, sharp, and green. Its flowers are very beautiful and vivid. Almond blossoms appear in early spring.

The fruit of the almond tree is a shaft whose outer cortex is green and covered with a sting, with hard skin almonds inside it. Once the almonds have come, the green cover is gradually dried and the skin becomes rigid and the almond kernels are grown inside it and ready for use.

However Mamra almond tree is a special tree native to Saman area in Iran. It is very resistant to cold and pests.

For Mammra almond prices, contact our company.

The almonds are elliptical and flat, with a sharp tip on one side. The almond brain is inside a brownish brown colored shell that can be removed by hot water from it, which is a white almond brain inside it.

The sweet almond brains and the mild and tasty taste of bitterness almonds are painful and easy to recognize.

All parts of sweet almonds, such as blossom, leaves, and fruits, are used in medicine. Mamra almond kernels are very sweet and delicious.

Mamra almond prices

Almonds producers in India

Almond producers in India produce a kind of almond that is very different from Mamra almond in Iran. Iran Mamra almond is very unique in taste, color, appearance and price.

Sweet almonds have 50 to 55 percent and bitter almonds have 40 to 45 percent oil. Almonds also contain 25% white matter and diastatic called Emulsine, sugar, gum, mucilage and minerals.

Bitter almonds have a specific substance (1-3%) called amygdalin, which is due to the effect of water on the cyanide acid and benzoic aldehyde (Aldehyde benzoic), and glucose.

The essential oil of bitter almond (benzoic aldehyde) is used for aromatization, and also makes it a green color called malachite. the almond wholesale price in India is a bit cheaper than other wheres. For example, 1 kg badam price in Chennai has 5% mines compared to others. Or badam 1kg price in Hyderabad is really affordable. The bitter almond oil is slightly bitter due to the presence of cyanide acid. The cyanide acid content in bitter almonds is 0.0025%.

Mamra almond prices in Zarin Maghz Company are very affordable.

Mamra almond prices

Mamra almond prices in Iran

Mamra almond prices in Iran are very expensive that ordinary people can not afford to buy that.

Zarin Maghz Company is almond wholesaler. We are distributor and exporter of Mamra almond of high quality.

Here are some benefits of almonds:

1) Almonds soften the chest.

2) Almond milk is useful for coughing, laryngeal discomfort, and shortness of breath .

3) Almond is useful for the treatment of intestinal ulcer and bladder and diarrhea.

4) Almond is good at bone strengthening.

suppliers of pistachios in Turkey

Suppliers of pistachios in Turkey

Suppliers of pistachios in Turkey buy high quality pistachios from Zarin Maghz Company in Iran. For Mamra almond prices and pistachios prices call us. We offer you the most affordable prices.

Akbari pistachio known as super long pistachio is one of the best export product of Iran. Pistachios at wholesale price is available in our company.

The taste, color, appearance, quality and nutritional value of Iran pistachios is unique in the world. 

Contact Zarin Maghz Company as one of the pistachio wholesalers and suppliers in Iran.

All kinds of Iran pistachios including Akbari, Kale Ghochi, Hazelnut pistachio and Ahmad Aghaie pistachio are available in our company at wholesale price.

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mamra almond export

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Almonds have a low carbohydrate percentage and a high content of protein and fiber. Fiber and protein increase the feeling of fullness, which causes a decrease

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